Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

This was taken right before we opened all the gifts, i got some nice things i wasn't really asking for anything my grandma sent me a very nice winter coat i love it gotta love my grandma, and i got a new Ipod shuffle its my favorite color green(:
This picture i took from our house, i thought it looked pretty cool i like this picture a lot it took me forever to get it just right though. i hope u all had a good Christmas mine was okay. but i miss all my family up north!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

almost christmas

Its 4 days until Christmas and I'm not even a little excited. Even with all the snow it doesn't feel like its almost Christmas I'm on winter break and so far hate it, I've been stuck at home and i don't know why. I'm really not asking for anything for Christmas. I'm done with photography in school now its a bummer but it was a lot of fun why i had it. Next year I'm going to take honor's photography. I'm looking forward to one thing and that is the new year and going back to school. That's all for now. Oh but that picture i took is of our tree outside right after the ice storm.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


this was my date and my boyfriend Zach, he is so sweet and so much fun to be around. he makes me really happy. this was at Caitlin's house before the dance.
the whole group, Mike & Skylar. Caitlin & Alex, and Zach & Me. this was right before the dace and Caitlin's house.

These are Skylar and Caitlin. they are two of my really good friends they are simply amazing and fun to be around(:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School is going on, just trying to keep up in all my classes its not that easy, photography is prolly my favorite class i love it. well the home life is stressful. our turnabout dance is in less than two weeks i got my dress and shoes i dont know who im going to ask yet(:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This was at my best friends sweet 16th birthday party I'm in the back with the 2 other girls. she got a bran new car she was so shocked!
that's me and my friend Randie, she is a sweetheart. and Tim about to throw a blanket on us, his face is priceless in this picture i think. ha ha
anyhow a little bit of my life I'm in photography and i love it, my teacher was amazed by my pictures, because in mt SLR camera i don't have a light meter and she hadn't even talked to me about how to get the photo's to show after we developed i got 25 out of 25 on my first role of film. we get our second role today I'm really excited to get out there and take more pic's. i love it its definitely something i will want to do when i get older just like my uncle AL(: he is one amazing photographer. that's all for now though. so talk to you later.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Any Other Day.

Me and my boyfriend again, it is almost 6 months ive cant believe i still have him its amazing(:
The Morning after homecoming that is the rose timmy (my boyfriend) gave me! (:
i started photography im very excited we get our film next week i cant wait to just start taking photos for home work.

Me and lissa, we fight a lot but i still love her she means so much to me and i dont know what i would do without her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bettendorf Homecoming 08'

I did my own hair so it turned out kinda yucky but oh well. this is me, Tim and his mom(:
there is some really bad red eye in this pics i don't know why. well Tim doesn't go to school with me but he goes to Rock Island but he went to my home coming with me this Ive been with him for almost 6 months, he makes me so happy(:

its me and my friend Laurens dress she wanted me to go so bad that she had me use her dress from last year.

Monday, September 29, 2008

two best friends(:

This is Tim, He is not only my amazing boyfriend but he is one of my best friends, i tell him everything and he always knows how to make me smile and laugh(:
This is Christina she is one of my best friends in Iowa. I definitely trust her with everything and more. We are always together it seems(:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well these are a few of my friends from school...Caleb, Brandon, Corey, and Tristina there were more there but not in the picture. well school is going by so slow it seems last year flew by i don't know i hope it goes by faster i miss summer. My grades are pretty good except in world history its so boring and i cant seem to re-late. Well I'm not sure but i sure miss summer time.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

55th World Series Of 2008

The weather was amazing; it was suppose to rain all weekend and it ended up perfect. it didn't rain once the sky was always so pretty i loved being out there i never wanted to come home.

I went to cordova and it was so much fun. i really like how i captured this picture of the cars going down the track. seeing all the cars race down the track really fast its amazing it looks like so much fun and the whole time of being there it made me smile. i would do it again any day(:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Bee aka Busy Me(:

In this picture i took it was just about to rain. I love the rain but i love the sun! ive been a very busy bee with school, friends and family. i like school for as much as some one would like school. ive already lost some friends and gained some. High school is not very easy but im sure its not even close to being as hard as its going to get. I sure miss my family up north though and friends up there.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Me and My wonderful boyfriend Tim, on wednesday the 20th we will have been dating for 4 months. Ive known his since 4th grade and he is not only my boyfriend but he is a best friend to me, i dont know what i would do without him he is such a good friend and im crazy about him im so happy with him(:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back To The Bettendorf School.

Today was the begging of my sophmore year, Lauren came over and we went to school at 11:30 because we had to be there by 12:00. the summer went by so fast i miss it. I have a couple hard classes but i know ill be able to pass with good grades if i just try and thats what im going to do. What i hate most about school is the teachers, homework, wakin up early, and rushing in the morning. other wise its fine.

Monday, August 4, 2008

summer is almost done)):

With summer slowly coming to an end, and school starting up all over again, and the weather is changing summer always seems to be where i make the most memories and have a great time, i have done a lot this summer i have done almost everything i have wanted. I can't believe i start school next Monday its not that I'm scared, because well I'm not its the fact summer is ending, and all the staying up late and staying with friends for days at a time and late night chats on the computer and phone are done. It means back to going to bed by 11:00, homework, nasty teachers that give u a hard time, and back to getting up early, walking to school, cold weather. and more important it means sitting around waiting for all the grass to grow green, the birds to come back, and the trees to sprout and waiting for summer to come. summer of 08' has been amazing and even though there were a few bad parts it was def. a summer i will never forget thanks to all those people that made my summer 08' memorable.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Bike:: This is the new bike my dad had to trade the old bike in for this one becuase this one is more comfy for his back its a nice bike and i like it a lot(:
The Riders:: My Mom & Dad they are always going out for a ride and i love seeing them smile as they drive away. The girls:: Me and my Mom i love her more she will ever know and when i get older i wanna be a biker mom like her(:
Than there is me:: when your riding on the harley with the wind in your hair you just feel so free, i love the feeling more than you could ever believe(:

Sunday, July 20, 2008


My Dad i love him so so so much he is the best dad ever, even through he is sick he doesnt act like it even through i know he is scared he will never show it! he is probley the strongest person i have ever met! I am a complete daddys girl so much he has helped me through a lot like broken bones stiches and tons more but short and sweet i love you dad!
Samantha harley howerton aka my wonderful cat there i sno way i could leave her out she part of our family and has been for a few years now she is like a dog i sware she plays fetch and if so werid but i love her she is the best cat ever.

My sister, yes we fight but what sister's don't? unlike a lot of people we are really close i know she is always here to help me when i need it. she wont judge me and i know if i mess up she will forgive me. i coudnt even imagine to have a different sister and i woudn't want to i love my sister but she is also like a best friend to me!

My mom! she works so much. its crazy she tries so hard to do what she needs for the family, and with my dad sick she is trying more and more if i were her i prolly would have broke already but she hasnt i look up to my mom cause she is so strong i love my mom so much(:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

back in iowa!

this is the park hoover, since i have gotten back from wiscosnin i have been very busy enjoying the last of my summer, i cant believe im going to be a sophmore i cant believe it!!! but anyways this is the park i am at like ever day with friends(:
i went shopping and got a lot of new things, i went with miranda and lauren. so here is just an updated pic of me.

me & my friend miranda she is amazing and so much fun! i just love haingout with her she goes to my school and we are both suprized we are gonna be sophmore's.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

u miss them

well im back home in iowa now! i took this picture with others on the 4th of july. My Grandma, Lissa, and I all went to altoona for fireworks they were so pretty! well ive been very busy with friends for only be home for not even 24 hrs . haha. but im so tired from all the traveling and i believe im going to go but i sure do miss 4-wheeling every morning, and miss haingout with my family i do love and miss them all!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

the day at the cabin, and wel me and lucy one out of the 7 dogs that are here(:
the last night at the cabin;; our last bonfire making smores.

making smores aka mores(;
wow i love my familY!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

i believe in my last blog i mentioned my family is werid! yeah well here are some pictures of as we say "christmas in july." and as my aunt and grandmother say "3 nuts and a cracker" me and my sister on are way back to the cabin from a little city were well i cant rememeber the name. (haha)
me and my sister!

me and my hat at the christmas shop.

first blog!

I woudnt be who i am today with out these people. They are not only family to me but friends! between making smores, flying tennis balls, 4-wheelers, and christmas is july. we never judge, even though we never ever see eachother when we do we make the best and laugh along the way! When one needs a smile there is surley someone there to give them theirs. we are deffentily a big, but weird family i woudnt want it any other way than that! a lot of people dont get up and yet that is perfectly fine with us, cause in the end we all love and care about eachother!
We have all grown up so fast, we have all changed from being so short to being so tall. even though we dont see eachother a lot we love eachother more and more, from nevada being almost as tall as me, beau playing baseball, gab talking none stop, lissa going to college, and i being a shophmore. they days just fly by when we are all together! no matter what we do we make sure we make the best of it.

Not only are we sisters but we are best friends! we scream, laugh, cry. we are always here for eachother, we have eachothers backs we go way back to cheese balls, to rollercoasters, to hiding it closetes from bats. when people walk out of me she is there for me she helps me more than anyone and i can count on her to just listen to tell me its "all going to be ok". I could never imagine having a different sister than her i woudnt want it any other way! she will never really know how much she has helped me through everything even the little things i look up to her for being so strong and never giving up. but short and simple she is my best friend and an amazing one at that.