Monday, August 4, 2008

summer is almost done)):

With summer slowly coming to an end, and school starting up all over again, and the weather is changing summer always seems to be where i make the most memories and have a great time, i have done a lot this summer i have done almost everything i have wanted. I can't believe i start school next Monday its not that I'm scared, because well I'm not its the fact summer is ending, and all the staying up late and staying with friends for days at a time and late night chats on the computer and phone are done. It means back to going to bed by 11:00, homework, nasty teachers that give u a hard time, and back to getting up early, walking to school, cold weather. and more important it means sitting around waiting for all the grass to grow green, the birds to come back, and the trees to sprout and waiting for summer to come. summer of 08' has been amazing and even though there were a few bad parts it was def. a summer i will never forget thanks to all those people that made my summer 08' memorable.

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Cindy Jane said...

Hi Becky,

I am enjoying a huge LOL ... you'll have to check out my (finally!) new post to my blog. It would appear that you and I share the same thoughts on the last few days of summer!!! Ben and I are at Gram and Grandpa's for a quick visit. We drove over yesterday and will be going home after Ben beats Grandpa at the lunchtime cribbage :-)

Love you and have a great first day of school!!!
Aunt Cindy