Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This was at my best friends sweet 16th birthday party I'm in the back with the 2 other girls. she got a bran new car she was so shocked!
that's me and my friend Randie, she is a sweetheart. and Tim about to throw a blanket on us, his face is priceless in this picture i think. ha ha
anyhow a little bit of my life I'm in photography and i love it, my teacher was amazed by my pictures, because in mt SLR camera i don't have a light meter and she hadn't even talked to me about how to get the photo's to show after we developed i got 25 out of 25 on my first role of film. we get our second role today I'm really excited to get out there and take more pic's. i love it its definitely something i will want to do when i get older just like my uncle AL(: he is one amazing photographer. that's all for now though. so talk to you later.

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