Saturday, August 16, 2008

Me and My wonderful boyfriend Tim, on wednesday the 20th we will have been dating for 4 months. Ive known his since 4th grade and he is not only my boyfriend but he is a best friend to me, i dont know what i would do without him he is such a good friend and im crazy about him im so happy with him(:

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Cindy Jane said...

Becky - Uncle Al and I are enjoying a Saturday night at the cabin - of course the dogs are all with us. It is so AWESOME you posted the photo to your blog - congratulations on the 4 months dating Tim! Hope your first week of school was your best ever. Too windy tonight for a fire and 'mores' but will have both in my memory in honor of you and Alissa. It was so terrific you could spend time here this summer. Love to you - and the family

Aunt Cindy