Sunday, August 31, 2008

55th World Series Of 2008

The weather was amazing; it was suppose to rain all weekend and it ended up perfect. it didn't rain once the sky was always so pretty i loved being out there i never wanted to come home.

I went to cordova and it was so much fun. i really like how i captured this picture of the cars going down the track. seeing all the cars race down the track really fast its amazing it looks like so much fun and the whole time of being there it made me smile. i would do it again any day(:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Bee aka Busy Me(:

In this picture i took it was just about to rain. I love the rain but i love the sun! ive been a very busy bee with school, friends and family. i like school for as much as some one would like school. ive already lost some friends and gained some. High school is not very easy but im sure its not even close to being as hard as its going to get. I sure miss my family up north though and friends up there.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Me and My wonderful boyfriend Tim, on wednesday the 20th we will have been dating for 4 months. Ive known his since 4th grade and he is not only my boyfriend but he is a best friend to me, i dont know what i would do without him he is such a good friend and im crazy about him im so happy with him(:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back To The Bettendorf School.

Today was the begging of my sophmore year, Lauren came over and we went to school at 11:30 because we had to be there by 12:00. the summer went by so fast i miss it. I have a couple hard classes but i know ill be able to pass with good grades if i just try and thats what im going to do. What i hate most about school is the teachers, homework, wakin up early, and rushing in the morning. other wise its fine.

Monday, August 4, 2008

summer is almost done)):

With summer slowly coming to an end, and school starting up all over again, and the weather is changing summer always seems to be where i make the most memories and have a great time, i have done a lot this summer i have done almost everything i have wanted. I can't believe i start school next Monday its not that I'm scared, because well I'm not its the fact summer is ending, and all the staying up late and staying with friends for days at a time and late night chats on the computer and phone are done. It means back to going to bed by 11:00, homework, nasty teachers that give u a hard time, and back to getting up early, walking to school, cold weather. and more important it means sitting around waiting for all the grass to grow green, the birds to come back, and the trees to sprout and waiting for summer to come. summer of 08' has been amazing and even though there were a few bad parts it was def. a summer i will never forget thanks to all those people that made my summer 08' memorable.