Thursday, July 3, 2008

first blog!

I woudnt be who i am today with out these people. They are not only family to me but friends! between making smores, flying tennis balls, 4-wheelers, and christmas is july. we never judge, even though we never ever see eachother when we do we make the best and laugh along the way! When one needs a smile there is surley someone there to give them theirs. we are deffentily a big, but weird family i woudnt want it any other way than that! a lot of people dont get up and yet that is perfectly fine with us, cause in the end we all love and care about eachother!
We have all grown up so fast, we have all changed from being so short to being so tall. even though we dont see eachother a lot we love eachother more and more, from nevada being almost as tall as me, beau playing baseball, gab talking none stop, lissa going to college, and i being a shophmore. they days just fly by when we are all together! no matter what we do we make sure we make the best of it.

Not only are we sisters but we are best friends! we scream, laugh, cry. we are always here for eachother, we have eachothers backs we go way back to cheese balls, to rollercoasters, to hiding it closetes from bats. when people walk out of me she is there for me she helps me more than anyone and i can count on her to just listen to tell me its "all going to be ok". I could never imagine having a different sister than her i woudnt want it any other way! she will never really know how much she has helped me through everything even the little things i look up to her for being so strong and never giving up. but short and simple she is my best friend and an amazing one at that.

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