Sunday, July 6, 2008

u miss them

well im back home in iowa now! i took this picture with others on the 4th of july. My Grandma, Lissa, and I all went to altoona for fireworks they were so pretty! well ive been very busy with friends for only be home for not even 24 hrs . haha. but im so tired from all the traveling and i believe im going to go but i sure do miss 4-wheeling every morning, and miss haingout with my family i do love and miss them all!!!

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Cindy Jane said...

Becky - What an awesome photo! You have a terrific eye for design - can't wait to show Uncle Al. I know he'll be amazed by the photo as well. We miss you and Lissa - the cabin is far too quiet without you enjoying the 4-wheelers. I hope you have a chance to return before the snow flies. Love and miss you - Aunt Cindy