Sunday, July 20, 2008


My Dad i love him so so so much he is the best dad ever, even through he is sick he doesnt act like it even through i know he is scared he will never show it! he is probley the strongest person i have ever met! I am a complete daddys girl so much he has helped me through a lot like broken bones stiches and tons more but short and sweet i love you dad!
Samantha harley howerton aka my wonderful cat there i sno way i could leave her out she part of our family and has been for a few years now she is like a dog i sware she plays fetch and if so werid but i love her she is the best cat ever.

My sister, yes we fight but what sister's don't? unlike a lot of people we are really close i know she is always here to help me when i need it. she wont judge me and i know if i mess up she will forgive me. i coudnt even imagine to have a different sister and i woudn't want to i love my sister but she is also like a best friend to me!

My mom! she works so much. its crazy she tries so hard to do what she needs for the family, and with my dad sick she is trying more and more if i were her i prolly would have broke already but she hasnt i look up to my mom cause she is so strong i love my mom so much(:

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Cindy Jane said...

What an awesome tribute to your family, Becky. I love the photos - it's obvious that your writings come straight from the heart. I love being able to see photos of your parents. Looks like I'll need to do an update and return the favor! Thanks for keeping us all connected! Love you!!!!!!!